Helping You Recover Unpaid Wages

Reliable Wage Recovery if You Feel You Are Being Unpaid

You deserve to be fairly compensated for the job you do. Unfortunately, some employers don’t always pay their employees what they deserve.

Is your pay calculated accurately at the time of crediting your salary? If doubts creep into your mind as soon as you view your payslip, you can approach the legal professionals at Charlton Weeks LLP to get a suitable remedy. If you have faced instances where your employer lied, or forces you to lie about your worked hours, you can approach us.

Charlton Weeks LLP can assist you in obtaining all the wages you are owed and any damages for the untimely payment of wages.
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Meet Our Skilled Attorneys to Fight for Your Unpaid Wages 

You may be entitled to compensation for many reasons. Questions and topics we hear frequently and offer proper solutions for include: 
  • When are you entitled to overtime pay?
  • When are you entitled to lunch breaks?
  • When are you entitled to rest breaks?
  • What happens if your paycheck bounces?
  • What your employer can and cannot withhold from your pay
  • Are you entitled to be paid for working “off the clock”?
  • What happens if your employer lies about the hours you worked?
  • What happens if your employer makes you lie about your hours?
  • What happens to your vacation pay and sick leave when you lose the job?
  • Are you entitled to be paid for time that you have to be “on call”?
  • Is it legal for your employer to pay you in cash?
  • Is it OK for different employees get paid different wages for doing the same work?
  • What are your rights are when you stand up for yourself?

Dedicated to Achieving the Best Possible Payment Outcome

There is nothing worse than not getting paid for your hard work. If you are not being paid for the work you have been doing or if you believe you should be getting paid for overtime hours but are not, you may have a case against your employer. Call 661-265-0969 for a FREE consultation. 
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