Experienced in Retaliation Law

Get What You Are Entitled To for Unlawful Retaliation

Have you faced situations with your employer that would prompt you to file a lawsuit but chances of winning are very bleak? Are there fears that you might be fired if you sue your employer? Count on our legal professionals today for the most elaborate advice!

Contact Charlton Weeks LLP if you are fired because you filed a harassment case or you feel you have been unlawfully retaliated on for an event in the workplace. You may not be retaliated against for asserting your rights under federal and state EEO laws. 

Under some circumstances, if you report wrongdoing by an employer, you are protected from retaliation for making such a report. Let us guide you through the process of righting the wrong.

Get the Compensation You Deserve if There Is Retaliation

Contact our professionals to sort out your particular situation and the state and federal laws regarding the retaliation in the workplace. Get the following questions answered: 
  • Can my employer fire me if I sue? What if I lost the lawsuit?
  • Can my employer fire me if I filed a claim with the Labor Board? What if I lost?
  • Can my employer fire me if I said I was discriminated against? What if I lost?
  • Can my employer fire me for making a union grievance?
  • Can my employer fire me for being a witness in someone else's claim?
  • Can my employer fire me for making a claim for worker's compensation? What if my claim was denied, can they fire me then?
  • Can my employer fire me because I told someone in the state or the government about something I thought was illegal? What if I was wrong?
  • Can I get fired for taking family or medical leave?
  • Can my employer fire me for complaining about harassment?
  • I did one of the things described above, but I wasn't fired — just had my hours cut, my pay cut, I got a bad reassignment, missed a raise or promotion, or my employer is just plain making my life really difficult because of what I did. Is that OK, even though I haven't been fired?
  •  I really did mess up at work after standing up for myself; am I out of luck?

Skillfully Protecting Your Rights As an Employee

If you have been the victim of retaliation in the workplace, we encourage you to contact us at 661-265-0969 for a FREE consultation. We will review the legal issues to see if your rights have been violated by your employer. We have more than 26 years of experience with these cases.
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