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Having lost your job, if you ever felt that your termination was wrongful, or circumstances forced you to quit, you can seek the help of our experienced attorneys at Charlton Weeks LLP. Trust our experienced attorneys to help you in matters of gender, racial or religious discrimination. We will strive to offer full legal support to your fight against improper termination. You will also get the most appropriate advise in matters such as payroll discrimination, termination due to a disability, employment clauses, and more.

Count on the trustworthy and dedicated team of attorneys at Charlton Weeks LLP to help you determine if your employment termination is a violation of the law. 
Termination discussion with attorney

Effective Assistance for Termination Situations 

We are here to answer all your termination-related questions, including: 
  • When are terminations wrongful?
  • What if an employer makes it so bad you have to quit?
  • What is race and national origin discrimination?
  • What is gender discrimination?
  • What is religious discrimination?
  • What is age discrimination?
  • Is it OK to discriminate against someone's sexual orientation, even if the employer has a strong religious objection?
  • Can an employer discriminate based on pregnancy or taking care of a newborn child?
  • What pay is owed when employment ends, and when is it payable?
  • What is whistle‚Äźblowing?
  • Can an employer fire somebody on medical leave?
  • Can an employer fire someone because they have a disability?
  • When employers lay people off, what do they have to do?
  • What role does your union play?
  • What's the difference between “at will” employment and an employment contract?

Get an Experienced Attorney to Fight for Your Rights 

Employment law can be difficult to understand at times, especially in termination situations involving detailed contracts. You don't have to stand for unfair treatment at work or wrongful termination. Call 661-265-0969 for a FREE consultation. 
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